Gingival recession is the migration of the gumline down the surface of the tooth, leading to root exposure and sensitivity. Gingival recession is very treatable with soft tissue grafting in many cases.

About Gingival Recession

Gingival recession or the “receding gumline” is the retraction of the gumline down the tooth, leading to exposure of the root surface and loss of healthy support gingival tissues. Both tooth sensitivity and a tender, sensitive gumline can develop with gingival recession.


Gingival recession is caused by bacterial plaque leading to inflammation. Additional factors include: aggressive “scrub brush” toothbrushing, use of a hard or medium toothbrush, and having naturally thin gum tissues. Sudden trauma to an area can also lead to recession.

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Good daily home care is key to preventing plaque accumulation leading to inflammation and recession. In addition, always use a soft toothbrush and a gentle brushing technique to prevent trauma.


There are various options for managing gingival recession, including soft tissue grafting and connective tissue grafting. We also offer treatments for tooth sensitivity, as well. As periodontists, we specialize in the treatment of gum recession.