Dental Implant Therapy

Illustrated image of periodontal bone grafting procedure. Image features, a white illustrated molar cross-section with roots, bone, and gums exposed. Showing a silver dental tool replacing missing bone with bone grafting material.
Illustrated image of lower jaw featuring implants embedded into lower gums to attach to a full set of lower dentures.

Dental implants are an excellent treatment option for ideal tooth replacement. Our office is well-versed in the placement of dental implants for replacement of a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even to facilitate stabilization of a denture.

Dental implants are generally made of titanium and are placed into the jawbone. Through a process known as osseointegration, the implant and the jawbone tightly adhere to one another. Dental implants can be used to replace one or several missing teeth and provide a very natural simulation of natural teeth.

Dental implant therapy usually begins with the loss of a tooth followed by bone grafting, which functions to preserve the volume of bone surrounding the missing tooth in preparation for the implant. Once the bone has healed, the dental implant is placed. Osseointegration of the implant (adherence of the bone to the implant surface) takes 3-6 months for complete healing. We work closely with your dentist to be sure we achieve the best possible outcome for a crown or bridge restoration to be fixed to the dental implant after it has healed.

A CBCT (cone-beam computed tomography) scan is often taken prior to implant placement to aid in determining the volume of bone in the area of the missing tooth and to help plan for the ideal implant placement. Our office is equipped with the newest CBCT technology in order to provide high quality care for our patients.

Sinus lift surgery is sometimes necessary to place implants on the upper jaw to create enough space to support the height of the implant. Usually this procedure can be performed at the same time as dental implant placement, but occasionally may be required before dental implant placement can occur. Our periodontists are trained in sinus augmentation procedures and will speak with you if sinus lifting is necessary to place your dental implant.


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