Periodontal Flap Surgery

Illiustrated image showing a periodontal flap procedure. Illustrated silver dental tools show the lower gums being separated from the lower teeth in to allow for a deep cleaning and removal of diseased materials.

Periodontal flap surgery, often referred to as osseous surgery, is a method of definitive management of periodontal disease. This surgical procedure is tailored to each individual’s needs with the goal of pocket reduction and inflammation resolution, which is achieved by altering the gum and bone that support the teeth. Periodontal flap surgery may be recommended in patients who do not fully respond to initial therapy or have more advanced disease. Periodontal flap surgery may be performed in combination with bone grafting procedures to regenerate bone that has been lost around the tooth or implant. This procedure helps to fully restore the gum and bone to their normal function and promote the healthy anchoring of teeth.


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