Scaling and root planing is the non-surgical treatment of the gums in order to resolve inflammation and reduce pocketing of the gums around the teeth. Many times, this is the first treatment needed in the management of periodontal disease.

About Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing, or a “deep cleaning,” is the process of removing bacterial plaque and tartar from the tooth surface extending under the gumline. This process is performed with local anesthesia to facilitate ideal treatment results. As periodontists, scaling and root planing is a primary treatment approach in our office as initial phase therapy - the first step in management of gum disease.

Before treatment, the gums are often inflamed with a red, puffy appearance as well as bleeding on brushing and flossing. After scaling and root planing, inflammation resolves with removal of sufficient bacteria and periodontal pocketing improves. A reevaluation exam is needed 4-8 weeks after scaling and root planing is complete to assess improvement in periodontal health.